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Atelier & Avenue

New Company Website

Atelier & Avenue provides both packaged and fully bespoke services for two main customer profiles: Brands and Venture Capital firms. We aimed to build a site clearly expressing full breadth of services, introducing the team, with site design as sharp as the consultancy.
UX/UI Design
Front-end Dev.
Black Rooster Digital Atelier & Avenue


Mobile App Design

AI-powered Jiminny app offers to listen to previous customer conversations and their statistical analysis for sales teams. There is a great deal of data provided through the app; we carefully designed the UX architecture to offer clear insights and smooth user experience, even within a small phone screen.
Mobile App
UX/UI Design


Designer, Developer, Founder

Besides founding our agency, he managed to pull off being both an award-winning designer and a full-stack developer at the same time. 

He studied economics but never imagined being working on anything else but creating websites. After shedding many years of blood, sweat and tears in global agencies, he found Black Rooster as a one-stop-shop for websites and a creative hub for mobile apps.

When he's not stroking his beard thinking for a new design or hunching over a coding screen, he plays the guitar and plays Street Fighter V at local tournaments.

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Black Rooster Digital Lİnkedin
Black Rooster Digital Personal Web Site


Digital Strategist, Marketer

Basak loves to build well oiled digital ecosystems, whether that's marketing automation, eCommerce systems, or just office productivity. Yet, she is a performance marketing at the core.

She is relentlessly data driven and her motto at work is "Analyse numbers, think human". She enjoys imagining the real-world experiences behind data and putting context to it.

After building a track record of growing businesses through paid acquisition channels, she joined Black Rooster as a strategist. 
When she is not designing a better way to do something, she beats samba drums with people from all around the world.

Black Rooster Digital The Team Basak Yigitoglu
Black Rooster Digital Lİnkedin


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